Tyre Basics

The Hidden Side of a Truck & Bus Tyre

The Michelin tyre is a composite & complex product made of hi-tech components including more than 200 raw materials.


For a truck tyre, the only contact with the ground is a contact surface area equal to 3 hands (or an A4 piece of paper).  Truck tyres need to:

  • Carry, roll, steer, convey braking & acceleration of the vehicle 
  • Withstand different usage conditions. 
  • Contribute to mechanical and acoustic comfort 
  • Be durable and fuel efficient 

It is quite simple to optimize each of these features but tyre designers must balance safety, longevity and performance. 

As a professional Truck or Bus operator, you know the value of having the right quality tyre for your specific driving needs.  Michelin provides a solution to improve your operating costs and impact on the environment. 

Productivity, safety,  reliability, longevity and fuel economy benefits you can expect from a Michelin tyre.